Indian New Delhi Palace

New Delhi Palace, is located here in Columbia on Broad River Rd. JP and I had lunch here with a couple of his co-workers. My food options at this point are very limited, because we are observing lent and I chose to give up meat. JP came here with another co-worker a while ago and said they had a few vegetarian dishes. It’s in front of a motel, so it can’t be missed. The place had a nice ambiance. Two large rooms, you walk into the main room from the entrance and then walk down into another large room where the buffet is located. Nice quiet atmosphere. Not a very large buffet, but a nice variety of different authentic Indian dishes. I had JP hook up my plate since he’d been here before. He came back with a nice helping of food.Not sure what all the dishes were called, but they were all very tasty.

I had a dish with chickpeas and some type of sauce that tasted like curry. A vegetable medley with another creamy curry type sauce, spinach with potato, basmati rice, and nahm bread. I also had this pancake type thing which is not pictured. It had potatoes, onions, and another curry type sauce. Everything on my plate was delicious! I cleaned my plate!

JP had most of the same things that I did. He had some type of chili chicken and some fried things. Not sure what they were exactly. He also had a dessert which is not pictured called, Galub Jamun. I didn’t try this, because I also gave up sweets for lent. It looked like some type of fried bread ball drenched in a sweet sugary syrup.

Overall the food was very good. A lot of flavor and exotic spices. I loved the curry flavor of all the dishes. It was reasonably priced, and kids eat free. We are definitely putting this on your list of favorites spots. Next time I’ll have to try the chicken.

JP’s comments: I visited this restaurant a few years back and really didn’t know if it was still operating. My friend Brett asked me to join him there for lunch a couple of weeks ago and decided that it was good enough to take Feather (since I know she likes spicy food too). The food really wasn’t overpowering with spiciness, but just right. Everything was pretty much curry based.

There was a dessert thing that was like little dumpling balls. The texture and flavors didn’t mix very well. It just didn’t quite make the top 5 item list there for me. The overall dining experience there was pretty bangin.


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