Korean Lettuce Wraps

These pictures are old, but this is a dish I make often. My mother in law of course makes this the best! Very easy to make. It’s delicious and probably pretty healthy. Don’t think that spam is healthy, but it’s good too!

Yes, that’s Spam on the griddle… (fo shizzle)

The meat can be marinated overnight and can be cooked in pan, on a griddle or a BBQ grill. I’m not sure what the actual meat is called. It’s cut very thin and can be bought in a Asian store. I also buy cuts of meat from the regular grocery store. You can use flank steak or a boneless chuck eye. Any cut that is very tender and can be cut thin. This day we cooked everything on a griddle, which is quite fun. Yeaaah, we’re rocking the chopsticks too!

There are also different variations on how to eat this dish. That day we didn’t have marinated meat, we just grilled it plain. We used pieces of leafy green lettuce for the wraps. Then dipped the meat in a sesame seed oil and salt mix. We also had a mix of green onions and something else I can’t remember what that is. Green chili peppers and the ooooh so good red chili paste. Love that stuff! You also can’t forget your sticky rice!
This is one of my favorites dishes. I might have to go and make this after lent. Looking at these pictures are making me hungry…ha ha!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Matt*Dog says:

    These are definately bangin! Sweet and spicy meat surrounded by some cool crisp lettuce. mmmm…

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