Edna’s #1

I know the title sounds like it’s an Asian restaurant: No.1 Happy China Wing, but it’s not.


It seems that every city in America has a food joint that people swear has the best burgers in town.

Well, I’m here to tell you that if you’re ever in Columbia, SC in the St. Andrews/Broad River Road/Greystone area, You MUST stop by Edna’s #1 at 3609 River Dr
Columbia, SC 29201. Lock it in your GPS people!

These burgers are PHAT (Pretty Hot And Tempting) and delicious. If you’re thinking about taking your girlfriend to a nice posh place to sit down and eat, then this is not the place for you. There are about 4 old picnic tables outside there and if all the construction workers and stray cats that Edna’s has adopted arent’ occupying them, you might have a place to sit. The little building that all the delicious goodness is prepared in can only hold the 3 people inside cooking….and what’s probably a metric ton of ground beef. If you order more than two orders, chances are you’ll be getting your food in half of a cardboard box (see pics). And the prices will make you wonder why you would ever consider going to other McPlaces again.

You know what? I don’t even want to talk about it any more. See the pics and go get you one.

Bang-O-Meter says it’s Baaaaangin! Greasy Thumbs up although they need to work on their hot dog game a little. I heard that they used to be a lot better, but now they taste like they come from the cheapest pack of hot dogs and the cheapest can of chili they can find. I think people still get them because they’re still pretty cheap (Like 3 for under $3)

Feather’s Commentary on Edna’s:
Like JP said, if your looking for a fancy burger chain eatery this is not the spot. The cats add a nice eccentricity to the spot. A lady even comes and feeds them! The burgers are yummy! I can’t eat a double like my other half. I always get a regular cheeseburger, which always fills me up. I always enjoy a good burger and this place never fails to deliver.

Bang-O-Meter say it’s Baaaaangin too!


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  1. lateefx says:

    Those burgers look ridiculously juicy!!!

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