Lamb’s Bread Veggie Vegan Cafe and Juice Bar

It was a cold and windy Saturday! JP and I did not want to spend another weekend sitting in the house. Despite the chilly weather, we got up and took a afternoon drive. After a while…we got hungry. We drove around for a minute trying to figure out what to eat,(because I’m still not eating meat for lent). We headed toward downtown Columbia. We spot a small little building with a huge sign that said, “Lamb’s Bread Veggie Vegan Cafe.”

We decided to stop in and see what they had to offer. It’s located off of Main St. going toward downtown Columbia. It’s a unique looking place, once inside. The aroma of the food automatically had us sold. The walls are adorned with unique African art and statutes. Nice quiet atmosphere. We notice there aren’t any menus to look it.

A nice lady greets us at the counter. Looking around, we asked her for a menu. She points up to a white board where there are handwritten items. Looking a little confused, we notice meat dishes. Thinking…”Isn’t this a vegan spot?” She quickly explains there are no animal products used and that the dishes are named so, because that’s how they taste. Ahhhhh! I chose to go with the pepper steak, cabbage and curry potato. JP chose the, smothered strips, chick peas and curry potatoes. Total meal cost us around $16, no drinks. They had an array of herbal teas, noni juice, and other interesting things. The lady showed JP were the food was, so we could get an idea of what the this “mock meat”stuff looked like. She had it in some warming buffet thing.

Oh my gosh ya’ll!!! This was some of the best tasting food I’ve ever eaten! She also threw in some raw avocado, which went well with the dishes. I’m not sure how they do it, but this food really tasted like meat! My food was excellent. The pepper steak was yummy, I couldn’t get enough. Even better, after I scarfed my food down I didn’t feel all bloated and groggy. I felt good and satisfied. Best vegan meal I’ve eaten so far. I had a few bites of JP’s and it was equally as delicious.

Pepper Steak, cabbage, and curry potatoes

Smothered strips, curry potatoes and chick peas

Good to the last bite!

Bang-O-Meter says it’s Baaaaaaaangin!!!!!!! No greasy thumbs…a healthy not bloated satisfied one??? 🙂


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