Chipotle Mexican Grill of Charlotte, NC

Side-view of yumminess

I’m trying to think of a way to put this so it doesn’t seem that we drove all the way from Columbia, SC to Charlotte, NC just to get burritos. I could say how we have some friends or relatives that live there and we just happened to stumble upon a Chipotle. I could say that there was an important bloggy blog seminar there but neither would be true. As pathetic as it seems, we drove to an hour and a half to 2109 South Blvd in Charlotte to give our tongue and its taste buds a “full body flavor massage”.

Chipotle’s food does not taste like something that you’d expect from a company originally owned by McDonalds. The food always tastes like it was just prepared. Even the gauc doesn’t get a chance to turn brown. This means that either people are eating the gauc that fast or that they retire the gauc after it sits for a while. There are 5 kinds of burritos that you can order: Chicken, Pork, Barbacoa, Steak, and Vegetarian. Our favorite is the Barbacoa shredded beef. If you get a burrito, the rice has cilantro in it, you have a choice of 3 kinds of cheeses, refried beans or black beans, and a bunch of other things to stuff it with. The tortilla that they prepare it on seems to be a specially made oversized one which brings me to the next point: It’s BIG.

Samsung SCH-i730 placed for scale. (Actually, my phone is hugging the burrito because portable consumer electronics love Chipotle too)

We usually know ahead of time when we’re going to Chipotle, so we eat light(if at all) before going. These things are hard to put down. Just look at this picture of our fellow burrito analysts, Kris here:

Kris ate it so fast the camera shutter couldn’t get a clear pic of his burrito hand. pyooooo!

It’s one thing to talk yourself and your wife into driving this far for a burrito, but it’s even better when you can talk a buddy, his wife, and kids into going too! Thanks to Kris, Jennifer, Lisa, Melanie for hitting the highway with us. It’s a shame that we don’t have any Chipotles here. If you ever see one of these restaurants, check them out. You won’t regret it.

The judges say:




Feather’s Commentary: I will also add that the addiction to Chipotle burritos goes as far as me asking JP to fly me a burrito aaaallll the way from San Antonio Texas! LOL He had to get through security just to bring me a burrito! I might add he brought all the works to go with it too! I tore them thangs up! But yeah…we love Chipotle burritos, they are our obesession!

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