Recipe of The Day: Crsipy Wontons

So we haven’t posted in a while. I had my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday, so I haven’t been eating anything special! LOL Well, I bought some wonton wrappers a week ago. Decided to finally go ahead and make them today. Simple recipe, I think I would of preferred the round wrappers. I’ll have to try those next time. So here it goes. I’ve got pictures too!

Crispy Wontons

Prep Time:20-30 minutes
Cook Time:30-40 minutes (depending on how many you make)
Serving Size: Alot of people! This serving was enough for 4-6 people

1 Package round or square wonton wrappers
1/2 lb ground beef ( you may also use, shrimp or pork)
3-4 stalks green onion
1/4 tsp of ginger
1 tablespoon of soy sauce
4-5 cloves of garlic
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon sesame seed oil
A small bowl of water or egg to seal wrappers
Oil for frying
(again these can all be modified to your taste and liking)

Mix above all ingredients, except wrappers and frying oil of course.

Get your package of wrappers…open them up! You don’t want them exposed to the air long, because they can start to dry out. I put them in a ziplock bag as I was working to minimize them being in the air too long.

Take a wrapper place it on a clean surface. I used a plate.

Place a small dollop of meat in the center of the wonton.

Next take your water or egg wash…dip a brush or you finger, in the bowl. Rub around all four edges of wrapper.

Bring the corners together.

Fold up the remaining corners to where they are sort of flat and press together.

I folded them three different ways. The other way is to fold it directly in half and then fold down the top slightly, bring the corners around and press together. You can also fold them into a trianlge and then press the two corners together.

These are two of the ways I folded the wontons. I didn’t take a picture of the third way.

Next, fry them bad boys in some hot oil. I kept the oil on medium heat. I used a regular frying pan. I put a decent amount of oil in there. I’m sure you could use a fry daddy or some type of deep fryer. They fry fast. Fry until golden brown. My pan looks crazy in this pic! LOL

And here is your finished product. You can make up a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar to dip them in. Pour a good amount of soy sauce in a bowl and a bit of vinegar. It should be a balanced flavor. Not to much vinegar.

There you have it crispy wonton. JP said it tasted like Yaki Mandoo. Next time I’ll have to try and make those. Enjoy!


JP Note: If you don’t have a Batman bowl for your water, a regular bowl will suffice. However, don’t blame us if your wontons aren’t “Pow!” “Bap!” “Biff!” Bangin!”


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