New Kitchen Goodies!

My Grandma is always sending us all kinds of cool kitchen gadgets. For Christmas she sent me this cool pairing knife by Kuhn Rikon. I love this knife so much. It’s non-stick and it’s very sharp! I use it everyday. Well, today I got another great treat! She sent me three more knives! Woo hoo! I got a Chef’s Knife, Bread and Tomato Knife, and a Utility Knife. These knives not only work well, they look pretty cool and being non-stick means the stuff your cutting won’t stick to them.

You can find these knives at
or you can get them at

Worth a try. I love them so far.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. These are great little knives! We used the little paring knives a lot in the cooking school where I taught – everyone loved them! 🙂Have fun with your new gadgets!

  2. jj says:

    Those look awesome, thanks! I have to check those out.

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