Trying something new…

In my quest to cook us more healthy meals, I bought us some Salmon fillets. I began searching the net for some good fish recipes. I wanted to try something different. I knew I wanted ginger to be in the recipe I was looking for. I ended up finding this recipe for a Soy Ginger Salmon. The fish is marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, brown sugar, ginger,olive oil, OJ, lemon pepper and garlic salt. It says to marinate overnight, but I marinated mine for about five hours. You also rub a bit of the brown sugar, lemon pepper and garlic salt into the fish. The taste still came through. I broiled the fillets in my oven in a shallow baking dish lined in foil and basted it with the marinade until it was nice and golden brown. Overall I really like the flavor. The ginger and soy sauce and brown sugar taste really good together. It has a Asian flare to it! I cooked it with some Yellow Rice and Broccoli. I may add this to my recipe box. The people’s comments on the site where I got it from didn’t seem to like it. I think it was good. I followed the recipe exactly how they had it. If anybody knows of any good Salmon or Talapia recipes email us!


Source of Recipe


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