Recipe of The Day: California Roll


Last night I made a bunch of sushi for JP to take to work. I have loooved sushi since childhood. I have vivid memories of my Grandma Tsuna making sushi for us. I even remember her working in this Japanese restaurant in Hawaii making sushi. Her Sushi, Tempura and Miso soup were always the best. So my love for sushi goes deep. Also, living in Hawaii I group up around a lot of Asian food. So here is my version of the California Roll. I wanted to make Tuna, but I can’t find that sweet shrimp powder.

California Roll
Prep Time: 20-30 minutes
Cook Time: Depending on how many pieces and how good you are at rolling them! Could be a while! LOL I made a few rolls, so it about 1 hour.
Serving: I made a lot, so it served many! LOL

Ingredients for Roll:
3 cups of Rice (I use Botan)
1 package Imitation Crab
1 Avocado
1 Cuccumber
1 Bottle Japanese Mayo (Kewpie)
2 Packs of Nori(seaweed)

Ingredients for Vinegar Mixture for Rice:
1/4 cup Rice Wine Vingar
1/4 cup of white sugar
1 teaspoon salt

Use a nice ripe avocado. I like to cut this when I start to roll the sushi so it doesn’t brown. Mine was looking kind of tired! Don’t mind it! lol

Imitation crab. I usually break this up and place in a bowl for easy use.

Japanese mayo. You give nice squirt over filling before you roll your sushi.

Japanese nori. This is what you will use to wrap the sushi.

Rice Wine Vinegar. This will be used for mixture to put in rice.

I like to get the cuccumber and stuff prepped before I start anything. It makes it a lot easier to work. I like to peel my cuccumber first. You do not have to peel it, if you don’t want to.

Then slice into matchstick pieces. Put everything in bowls and to the side for now.

Next, you want to make your vinegar mixture. In small pan over medium heat. Combine all ingredients. Constantly stir until sugar and salt are disolved. Do not let this get to hot, and not to the point where it is boiling! Once disolved remove from heat.

You should have already pre-made some rice. I did about 3 cups in my rice cooker. I take a few scoops of rice to work with and place in a plastic bowl. I think it’s best to use a wooden one. Pour a bit of the mixture over rice. You don’t want to add to much, especially if your working with small amounts of rice at a time. Start mixing, being careful not to break any grains. You also want to fan the mixture as you mix. You could use a fan. I used a piece of cardboard! We want to cool the rice down a bit. You can taste to make sure the flavor is right. Once mixed place a damp cloth over bowl.

(Sushi Mat)

Place one piece of nori on your sushi mat. I cover my sushi mat with seran wrap so it’s easy to stay clean.Then using your hands or rice paddle. I used the paddle, you really aren’t supposed to. lol Or you can wet your hands and spread the rice over sheet of nori like in the picture above.

Place ingredients on rice like so. I did one with avocado and one without.

Begin to roll your sushi. Use the mat as a guide. Using a nice gentle rolling motion. You should end up with something ilke this. If you end up with a few unstuck ends, you can use some water to stick it back down. (I’m sure that shouldn’t happen if your a sushi pro!)

I also do one with the rice on the outside. You would use the same method to roll. I use the mat to form it into like a square shape and then cut it. You can also coat the outside with sesame seeds or fish roe. I left these plain. So, that’s pretty much it. You want to eat these as soon as possible. Fresh is the best! You can put them in air tight container overnight. I wouldn’t let it sit no longer then a day. It can be a little tricky, but with practice and time you can become a sushi pro! You also don’t have to make California rolls. There are all kinds of different sushi. Fill them up with whatever you like. The possibilties are endless!

Hope you enjoy!



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