King’s Hawaiian Sweet Bread


Oh yes! We absolutely love King’s Hawaiian Sweet bread. Growing up in Hawaii these are obviously not new to me. Although, the package says it’s made elsewhere! LOL We love them here in our home, and use them for many things. Not only are these little things great on their own, but they taste great in many creations. We have them for breakfast. Warming them up and stuffing them with eggs, cheese and bacon! We’ve made French Toast with them. We’ve also made little Cheeseburger sliders! Yum! These things are sweet and soft and are super delicious! Go out and try some if you haven’t already!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. lateefx says:

    These are no joke….not too many breads out there that taste so nice for such little cost. I can eat these with a dinner too…but love them for breakfast with hot grandma’s hot choco!

  2. CamerGirl19 says:

    My Granny turned me on to these. I love them. They are great with everything or just by themselves. I found some the other day that are made for sandwiches.

  3. BanginFood says:

    Ooo, where did you find those???

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