San Jose Resturante Mexicano

San Jose Restaurante Mexicano

For Mother’s day JP took the kids and I to San Jose Restaurante Mexicano. Located at 801 Sparkleberry Ln, Columbia, SC 29229, it’s right off of I-20 and Clemson Rd. I had a craving for some Mexican and this is were we ended up. There are actually several San Jose’s here in Columbia, I’m not sure if they are all affiliated. We usually hit the one that is located off of Hardscrabble Rd. Their food is always excellent. We’ve never been to this particular location, so we decided to try it out.

The restaurant looks pretty cool from the outside. It’s located in a plaza, which has a few pretty good looking restaurants. They have a sign outside that says Monday margaritas. 0.99 cent drafts and $1.99 12 oz. I’m assuming they do some kind of happy hour special. We get inside and right away you see this cool fountain that looks like some clay jars hanging from the ceiling with water cascading down them. Pretty cool feature. The restaurant has an upstairs and downstairs. It is a bit dark in there, not sure if that’s supposed to be for ambiance. We were seated and quickly a waiter comes to take our drink orders.

They bring out the standard tortilla chips and salsa. Of course we order queso! The queso was pretty good. It had a nice spiciness to it. Looking over the menu can be overwhelming! It looked like they had a 100 things on there. We were sitting there trying to decide what we wanted. I wanted to try something different then what I would normally get. JP couldn’t decide either. The kids were pretty easy. They had a kids menu with a about 5-6 kid friendly items. We got the kids 1 taco and 1 beef and cheese tostada. Because of our indecisiveness we did have to tell the waiter to give us a few minutes.

After eating many chips and queso, and scanning the menu for eternity! LOL We finally made a choice. I saw that they had a few Carne Asada dishes, so I opted to go for the thre Carne Asada tacos with beans. JP got the Chili Relleno, Beef Burrito, and Enchilada. I had to take the kids to the restroom, when I came back the food was already there! It was pretty fast service. JP said his food was piping hot! So hot, that he had to let it cool off a second before eating. Mine was actually the right temperature. My dish came with three tacos which had double corn tortillas, a side of fresh cilantro and onion and beans. Overall the whole dish was great. The beans were good. I didn’t need to add any extra seasoning. The carne was also equally flavorful. I had some bites of JP’s and it was very tasty. The chili relleno was really good! I would say that overall the meal was pretty Bangin!

JP’s Comments: For those of you familiar with Monterreys, San Jose is about one step better then Monterreys in terms of ingredients, preparation, and definitely service. I also thought it was very funny while we were sitting there eating, some of the guys brought in Wendy’s for their lunch.


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