Thanks Dante!

This post isn’t pertaining to food really, but I needed to give a big “Thanks” to a guy I met today named Dante. He was behind me today when my Astro van ran out of gas (jumpy gas-hand syndrome). Without hesitation, Dante pulls up beside me in his Safari Van and says, “Hey, you want me to push you?” Of course I said yes and he then pushed me into a church parking lot and gave me a ride to the gas station (Which was only a half a block away). Dante was telling me how fellow Astro/Safari Drivers have to stick together, which is true. He EVEN had a gas can!

I did give Dante my card and number but didn’t get his number. So Dante, if you get a chance to check out the site and read this post, give me a call. I have a couple of cold ones waiting for you.


Our Grocery Wagon

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  1. bunzi says:

    now that’s cool! 🙂

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