Dano’s Pizza

I’m pulling out some old stuff! We actually went here a while ago, but I’m just now getting around to posting it. Dano’s Pizza is a little spot JP found online. JP was trying to find a place around town that offered NY style pizza. He has been to NY to know what to base the authenticity on. I personally have never been, and have not had real NY pizza. Dano’s Pizza is located at 2800 Rosewood Drive, Suite C, Columbia SC 29205. It’s actually located in a nice little shopping center. It’s a few miles outside of downtown Columbia.

Front of Dano’s Pizza

Dano’s seems to have high ratings, and says they do NY style pizza. They not only do pizza, but pasta, Stromboli, cal zones, sub’s, and salads. We were going for one thing only, pizza! So we headed out on Saturday evening to get some dinner. Well, we had another mission. We wanted to pick up some of our favorite Jamaican Beef Patties. Like I said, it’s located in a nice little shopping center. The place isn’t very large. We walk in and there was only one family in there. We are warmly greeted. Looks like a lot of college students work here. USC is nearby.

Ordering is pretty simple. They have Small, Large, and Sicilian. We stick with the standard large 16″ Pepperoni and Cheese pizza! I think it was around $17. Looking on the menu, they also sell pizza by the slice which is cool.

We make ourselves comfy and wait for pizza to arrive. You can see the guy in the picture tossing the pizza dough. Pretty cool and fun for the kids! LOL You also see me in the back fixing our drinks. We were pretty much the only people in there. But, there was a lot of people coming in and taking out orders. I remember as we were leaving more people were coming and eating in.

I don’t think we waited very long for the pizza to come out. It was probably like 15 minutes. They bring the pizza out to you on this little table like tray thing. The kids enjoyed it. The pizza was piping hot. I think I liked the sauce the best. It was very cheesy and the crust was pretty good. Overall I would say, that it was decent. I wouldn’t say it was the best pizza I’ve ever had, but it was very good. I would definitely go there again. According to Dano’s site they plan on opening more locations and have franchise opportunities. So check it out. I’d say it’s Bangin.

Here is their site if you want to check them out: Dano’s Pizza



2 Comments Add yours

  1. mick says:

    Looks like the sort of pizzas you get at Pizza Hut or Domino’s.

    I’m right into wood fired gourmet pizzas these days. I don’t think I could stomach one of these lard rings…

    1. Marshall says:

      I guess you should actually put some of it in your mouth before you make a negative comment about it….

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