Saturday BBQ

Yummy rib, hot off the grill!

Boy is it hot around here!!! 100 degrees, with an index of 105! My poor Island blood can’t take the heat! We got one of those Intex Swimming pools and hung out for a while cooling off. JP pulled out a slab of ribs, and the Saturday BBQ plan was on. JP is our resident BBQ master. I usually do all the side stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I could BBQ some stuff if I have to. But, he’s the best…so we’ll just leave him to it! I usually do potato salad, but we didn’t have any this time. I also have a cold, and can’t taste or smell anything, not a good combo for cooking. I did make some Salmon Rice balls. Not sure how they tasted. LOL JP pretty much cooked the whole meal. He did some Turnip Greens, baked beans, Ribs and the sauce! I did the rice and rice balls. Ha ha!

JP working the grill. He does it so well!

Salmon Rice Balls. I threw a little bit of Nori in there, and salted. I let them chill in a fridge for a little while.

After everything was done, we ate in the sun room. It’s always nice eating in there. Everything was great. We love to BBQ, we usually do it a lot throughout the year. We usually have a larger spread, but we kept it simple this weekend. Next time I’ll do a step by step post of our BBQ favorites. Hopefully my taste and smell comes back soon, this is not good for a person who likes to eat and cook!



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