Gas Prices, Belgian Waffles and My Garden!

Remember when gas prices were this low? We took this picture right here in South Carolina. For some reason it was never taken down. I guess they want to remind of us how things use to be. The good old days! I could go on and say that I blame the gas prices for the lack of our posts. I mean everything else is blaming gas prices. But, that is not the case. We have been so busy. This summer has been exhausting. Taking the kids on a week long road trip. Keeping the kids busy and maintaining the household is a daunting task. We have eaten some good food this summer and have done our usual weekend grilling. I’ve been cooking daily, sticking to the usual. Haven’t really done anything new at this point. As soon as things die down a bit, I’ll probably start trying out some things. With that said, I did receive a new kitchen goody! Yippee! Grandma keeps sending us fun things. I still have a few items I need to post about.

We got the Waring Professional Belgian Waffle Maker. It has five settings for crispness. It rotates a 180 degrees for even browning. I found a simple waffle recipe online to try it out with. They provided recipes, but I didn’t have any yeast.

Here is the recipe I used Classic Waffles. Crispy on the outside, soft inside. I’ll have to experiment more with different recipes. Overall, I think this waffle make works very well. It beeps when your waffle is ready. You do have to put on a generous amount of oil or cooking spray to ensure it doesn’t stick.

So, on to my garden. It’s starting to produce some nice produce. Hee hee! I’ve got alot of Banana Peppers and Jalapenos. I’ve picked a few. I have one little Bell Pepper. My squash plant died. It was probably to hot. I’ve got 4-5 Tomatoes. My cucumber’s are still growing. So it’s looking good so far.

So hopefully we’ll be back soon with some new food stuff.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Michelle says:

    When was that picture taken?

  2. BanginFood says:

    I took that about a month or two ago. It’s where an old gas station used to be here in South Carolina. They never took it down. Over off of I-26 at the Sportsmen Warehouse by Hardees.

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