Cookbook Series

Ok, I’m sure some are wondering where Johnny and I get are recipes from. A lot of them are recipes from our Parents and Grandparents. Sometimes it’s just pure experimentation. We even find good ones online, and of course some of them come out of the cookbooks we have here at our home.

Today, I will share with you all my favorite cookbook. This cookbook is called Hawaii’s Best Local Dishes, By Jan Watanabe Hee. This book showcases a lot of the favorite dishes loved by most local people of Hawaii. There are few classic American dishes, but the book stays true to Hawaii’s many ethnic influenced foods. Some of the dishes include Korean Short Ribs, Kalua Pig, and Corned Beef Cabbage to name a few. All the recipes are easy to follow and the results are great! I like to grab this book when I feel like something from home. I took a picture of three of the recipes in the book to give you an example of what’s inside.

There is a recipe for Oxtail Soup, in which they actually have a picture of. Looks pretty tasty to me. If your a fan of Oxtails this soup is pretty tasty. I wish Oxtails didn’t cost so much, I’d be eating more of them!LOL

(Click on photos to enlarge)

(Picture of Oxtail Soup)

Then here are two more recipes, one for Lau Lau. I could eat Lau Lau all day. Lau Lau is a Hawaiian treat. Butterfish and Pork in Luau leaves, and then wrapped in Ti Leaves and steamed. The other recipe is for Chicken Katsu another favorite of mine. We have actually featured that recipe on the site before.

Here is another picture of some dishes featured in the book. In the upper left hand side is a picture of Nishime, on the bottom of that Curried Lobster with Fried Haupia. Then on the upper right hand side is Cold Chicken with Ginger Sauce, and on the bottom of that Chicken Enchilada and Spanish Rice. Everything looks so good.

I thoroughly enjoy making recipes from this book. If you are looking to try something different this definitely may spark your interest. There are dishes from many different Ethnic groups such as, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and of course Hawaiian. You may have to venture out to your local Asian market to find some of the ingredients, but it never hurts to try something new. You can purchase the book from Amazon. Hope you enjoyed.


Link To Cookbook


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  1. I had a Hawaiian cookbook, it was more like a community submitting recipes to sell cookbooks/fundraising. It was so good! It was paper and bounded, not fancy, but those recipes were rocking!! I lost it in the move.. I wish I could have it again. Have searched ebay every now and then, but do not see it! I love cookbooks!

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