Taco No!

We bring you another review from our friends at Taco Bell. Today’s review, the Volcano Taco…

So, I guess an in effort to bring out something fun, different, and gimmicky. Taco Bell unleashes the Volcano Taco! A red fiery, spicy taco which is supposed to have your mouth smokin! Based upon the commercials they run with people having smoke coming out of their heads. Placed on Taco Bell’s value menu, you can’t go wrong for just a mere 0.89 cents. At first glance, it’s red all right. A hard red shell, meat cheese, and lettuce and the infamous volcanic sauce. JP took the first bite, and didn’t seemed pleased. I took a bite, and it only took one bite for each of us to totally dislike this taco. At first bite, it’s sort of bland and then it just gets really hot. Not even a flavorful hot. Just plain old set your mouth on fire. Taco Bell offers other regular tacos at the same price, and I can tell you they taste a lot better. So, skip the gimmicks and just buy a regular taco. This was not Bangin at all! Sorry Taco Bell.

The dissected Volcano Taco

So save your money and pick something else worth your while. This gets two thumbs down from the Banginfood Team.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. BuddingCook says:

    lol – i thot it tasty ok. 😉 i put tons of fire sauce on it though. i always like trying the new taco smell’s menu items.

  2. Anonymous says:

    LoL!! I didn’t think it tasted that good either. The best that Taco Bell Bistro has to offer is the double beef burrito, the cheese rollup, and the beef meximelt!

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