Kuhn Rikon Quickslice Mandoline

My Grandma is so good to us when it comes to kitchen items. I have fallen in love with Kuhn Rikon products. I have a few knives and I also have these babies!

These little things are absolutely great! If you don’t have a large mandoline or just don’t feel like busting out the big guns. These come in handy! I have two, one for grating and one for julienne . They have a notch under them to grip onto a bowl and are non slip. There is a guard that helps protect your hands as your slicing away.

I like using this one to shred carrots. You could use it to shred other vegetables. It would probably be great for making Cole slaw or any other dish that requires shredded veggies.

This one is great for making thin slices. It cuts 1/8″ slices. It’s great for onions, potatoes, carrots, and other veggies. It also has a double edged blade. These products are very easy to use. They clean easily as well. I believe they are also dishwasher safe. These are a great quick alternative to a standard mandoline. Great for quick recipes.

If you would like to purchase them you can purchase them here: http://kuhnrikon.com/products/tools/tools.php3?id=222



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  1. Hi banginfood. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Is that a mandoline? I like it. I have one of those larger cumbersome kind. I really need to look into getting a hand held one. Thanks.

  2. BanginFood says:

    Yes it is a mandoline. I think it only comes in those two types of blades though. It fits easy over bowls and cuts some really thin slices. You can find it on the Kuhn Rikon site. I put a link up there. I have a big one too. These are easier to use.

  3. Chocolate Cardamom Cappuccino says:

    I could not cook without my mandolin, I would rather lose my hand

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