Recipe of The Day: Pot Roast Stew

Hi all! Today is a rainy foggy day. I wanted to cook some comfort food today. I figure stew and rain go great together! So here we go…

I had a bunch fresh produce in my fridge I knew I wanted to throw together and make some kind of stew or soup. I bought a nice medium sized pot roast and cut it in half. I like to split up all my meat so I can have more to utilize. Anyhow, I pretty much just improvised this and had no real recipe. This dish is good, because you pretty much just let it do it’s thing for a few hours. So it’s not to labor intensive. lol You can add or subtract any vegetable you want. You can get creative with it!

Pot Roast Stew

Prep Time: 20-30 Minutes
Cook Time: 4 hours
Serving Size: 4-6 People


1 half of a medium sized pot roast (you can use a whole one if you like)
2 stalks of celery
4 cloves of garlic
1 medium onion
1 large carrot
4 medium red new potatoes
a nice handful of small white mushrooms
salt, pepper, garlic salt to taste
Olive Oil for browning

I did not get a picture of the potatoes in there. You can use Russet potatoes if you like.
Start off by giving your piece of meat a nice coat of seasoning. Cover the entire piece. You can also trim any fat off. I like to keep the fat, it gives the meat nice flavor.

Drizzle Olive Oil in your pot. Then on medium high heat brown the meat on all sides. You want to do this quickly. You are not going to cook the meat all the way. So, your meat should come out looking something like this. Place on a plate and put it to the side for now. I am using my Technique Enamel Cast Iron 4 qt Chef’s Pot for this dish. This pot is very heavy duty and is perfect for stews.

After I removed the meat from the pot I added in about a cup of water. I turned the heat up a little high. I started scraping around the pot to get all the nice bits left from the meat. I took that and placed it in a bowl to save for later.

I roughly chopped up my veggies.

Turn your heat back down to medium. Drizzle a little bit of Olive Oil in the pot. Throw in your vegetables and cook the veggies until they are tender. Do not overcook them.

Once vegetables are tender, place your roast back in the pot. Also, take that bowl of juices and bits and put into pot.

Add in 3 cups of water. Place a tight lid on pot. Cook for 3 1/2-4 hours. Try not to lift the lid to often. I maybe check on it once or twice just to give it a stir.

The last step is to throw in your potatoes. So in the last 20 minutes is when you want to throw them in. Some of the stock may be cooked down. So you can just add in another cup of or so of water if it is low. You need to have enough to cook your taters. Be sure to taste your stew. Add in any more seasoning if necessary. Once potatoes are tender you are ready to eat! You could eat this by itself or have some rice along with it. This is a nice hearty meal. Perfect for any rainy day. Enjoy!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Abby says:

    What a great winter dish. Looks tasty!

  2. I love a good pot roast. And your’s looks mighty tasty. You’re right. It is comfort food, just what we need right now with the hustle and bustle.Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, making Tamales is cumbersome, but if you get some friends and famly together to help, it turns into a party.

  3. Dee says:

    What a nice comfort food type meal. Good for warming up on a Fall day.

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