Carolina Ale House

We would like to feature another place JP and I went to on our time away. It was again recommended by a friend.

Carolina Ale house has several locations. We went to the Harbinson location, it is located across from the Columbiana Mall at 277 Columbiana Dr. Columbia, SC 29212.

This location was pretty close to where we were staying. I had just gotten off of work and was starving! JP suggested we try it out, because his friend said they had good Fish N’ Chips. I was in, and ready to eat!

The Carolina Ale House is a Sports Bar and Restaurant. They have a covered outdoor area equipped with a bar and ample seating. We entered through the outdoor area, which was pretty packed being it was after 10PM. Once inside, it was even more crowded. Most people were seated in the bar area. It looks as if people come here for happy hour or just some Friday night drinking. It’s dim lit,music is blaring, and there are call kinds of oddities on the wall. We are told to seat ourselves and someone would be with us shortly. JP and I chose to sit in a large booth. It looked like they were well staffed with cool young hip college students. We didn’t sit very long before we were greeted by our waiter. He welcomes us, asks if we been here before, yada yada, yada. lol Anyhoo, he gives us menus asks for our drinks order and says he’ll be back.

JP and scan the menu. JP really didn’t want to order a whole entree, so he decided to go with an appetizer. I personally was hungry! So I needed a full meal. Ha! I decided I would try the Fish N’ Chips, based on the recommendation we were given. JP opted to go with a full order of Ale House Chili Nachos. We both decided we would share our dishes with each other. We put in our orders and waited for our food to arrive.

My meal came with a choice of Ale House Salad or Cesar. Of course I chose the Cesar. Yum! I ended up sharing it with JP. Before we were even done, our food arrived! I wish we could have gotten a picture of our faces when the waiter set our food down in front of us! WOW! The pictures we took cannot even showcase the massiveness of these plates of food! (We forgot the camera and had to use a camera phone) I tried my best to edit these to get the best quality I could.

Let’s start with JP’s plate. Now, this was supposed to be an appetizer. Even though JP got a full order, this was enough Nachos to feed 6 people! These Nachos are made with home made tortilla chips, Ale House home made chili, cheese sauce, jalapenos, scallions, black olives, lettuce, tomato salsa, and sour cream! Whew! That is a lot of stuff! Let me tell you, we tore these things UP!!! They were soo good. I loved the Ale House chili, I could taste the beer in it. Very good.

You could see the side view of JP’s plate. See all that Nacho!?!?! LOL So, my plate came with 3 fried white fish fillets, French Fries and Cole Slaw, Tartar Sauce, and Lemon wedge. Remember I also had a Cesar Salad before hand. I’m not a fan of Cole Slaw, so I just put that to the side. I quickly gave JP a piece of fish. As you can see that piece of fish looked like a fried chicken breast! Those pieces of fish were huge, and because I was helping JP eat the nachos I was only able to eat one piece. This was some of the best Fish N’ Chips I’ve had. The fish was so light and flaky. The flavor was awesome, especially with the fresh squeezed lemon and tartar sauce. I cannot say anything bad about this dish. Baaaangin!

So in conclusion, The Carolina Ale House is a cool spot with a fun atmosphere, really good food, with GINORMOUS portions! They are open during the day and do offer a childrens menu. So don’t fee like this is an adult only type of place. It does seem pretty popular for a Happy Hour or a weekend drinking spot. It looked as if they do offer a wide variety of beer and alcohol. So drop in sometime. Come with an empty stomach or be prepared to take home a doggy bag. They load you up pretty good! The price wasn’t bad either, considering the amount of food they give you. This spot was definitely Bangin! You can also check their website to see the menu online.

~Feather and JP


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