Japanese Sour Lemon Candy

I was just sitting here thinking about stuff I used to eat back in the day. When I was about 13 living in Hawaii, my friends and I used to buy bags of the Japanese Super Lemon candy. We used to get them from a store called Gems (which has been torn down and is now a Daiei). These things were so powerful, just looking at the picture is making my mouth water! lol They were covered with this white powder, which was the power that made it so sour. These things were so sour it almost should have been illegal. Ha ha! Okay, maybe not that sour. But, you couldn’t help but keep eating them. They were pretty tasty once you edured the powdery sourness that made your mouth pucker. You can still get these online. I might have to go back and reminisce one day. 🙂 Ahh, the days of being a kid.

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