Blue Cactus Cafe

Ahh, another dining trip. Here is another spot we’ve been hearing rave reviews from a friend of ours. He’s been trying to get us to go for months. Sooo, today we finally made the trip.

We headed out to Blue Cactus Cafe, located at 2002 Greene Street in the Five Points, area. Five Points is a popular College hangout, because it is very close to USC. There are tons of bars and restaurants in the area.

We got there and the place was packed! The place isn’t very large, so you probably want to get there at a decent time if you go. We were able to find a spot. On Saturdays they are open from 12PM-9PM. We were greeted and was told we could find our own seating. We got seats and waited for our friends to arrive. Our waitress greeted us and gave us menus and took our drink orders. We started looking over the menu and saw a lot of good things. Blue Cactus specializes in Korean and Southwestern cuisine. They also are firm believers in slow cooking. So all of the dishes are made to order. So don’t go in there expecting to get your meal in minutes. Works for us! We were also glad to see they had Chicken fingers for the kids.

People send the Blue Cactus postcards from all over, and they have them posted up on the wall. Pretty cool.

Going to discuss the menu with JP while we waited for our friends. Hmmm…what to get?

Our friends arrived and we were all ready to order. JP and I are pretty familiar with Korean food. Being that JP is half Korean and myself being from Hawaii, we were pretty familiar with a lot of the dishes. We saw another review on another blog and saw a dish in particular that looked really good. We decided to try that, and our friends have been there many times so they knew what they wanted also. We got the kids chicken fingers.

Johnny looking at the menu.

We started off with appetizers. Yum! We ordered Yaki Mandu. They were filled with beef, clear noodles, cabbage and green onion. Served with Soy Sauce. They were pretty good.

Brett and his wife ordered some Kim Bob. They look like sushi. They have Nori on the outside and filled with rice, pickled radish( I think Daikon), spinach, and carrot. It was served with Wasabi and Soy Sauce. These were really good. We all tried each other’s appetizers.

They also ordered Egg Rolls. They were filled with cabbage and carrot. This was served with VERY hot mustard and Duck sauce. Man, that Hot Mustard was crazy hot! LOL It opened up our sinuses! Overall they were very good too.

Okay, moving on to the entrees!

JP and I ordered the same thing. We got the Bee Bim Bob. This dish is served with 5 Korean vegetables, a choice of Tofu, Beef, Chicken, or Spicy Pork and Rice. Ko Ju Chung is also served with this. That is the oh so yummy chili paste. We both chose the Spicy Pork, and I got my dish minus the egg. Not a huge fan of Sunny Side Up Eggs. Not sure what all the vegetables were. I know there was cucumber and some kind of bean sprout. I think the greens were Watercress.

Here are JP and I enjoying our meals. You can see the kids in the background enjoying their Chicken Fingers. Which by the way, two of them cleaned their plates. JP and I enjoyed our meals a lot. It was very good! I loved all of the fresh vegetables. The pork was really good too. Accompanied with the chili paste, it was just a great combination of food.

Brett and his wife ordered their faves. Kimchi Fried Rice and Stir Fried Squid. Both dishes looked really good. Brett gave us a taste of the squid and it was really good.

Brett enjoying his squid.

When our food arrived they also gave us two bowls of veggies to share. I know it was Kimchi and bean sprouts. Not sure what the other thing was, but it was really good. It went great with the other things we were eating. We love Kimchi. I could eat Kimchi all day.

JP had to get that last bite. He dropped some Ko Ju Chung on it.

Overall the food here was really good. We cleaned our bowls. It was a great dining experience. JP’s Mom cooks a lot of the same dishes for us. It’s good to find a spot were we can get those same home cooked flavors. We will definitely be coming back again. The food here was Bangin!

Here is a link to their website if you want to check them out…

Blue Cactus Cafe

JP and Feather


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chef Cat says:

    I LOVE Kimchee Fried Rice made some a week before I started this blog. Wish I could get some good kimchee…

  2. Brett says:

    geez….. ya couldn’t at least warn me on that pic! typical me-look i guess though, looking confused and like a teenager with my hat on and baby-face 🙂enjoyed eating with you guys and as always we fully enjoyed the food there at Blue Cactus prepared by the great Lloyd and his wife Mary!BANGIN!!! indeed

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