Chipotle Trip #8 Marietta,GA

We took a day trip down to Atlanta this weekend. The weather was pretty nasty, but we still had a good time. We finally made it to Ikea! Wow…and wow!!! That place was huge. So many things it will make you sick! Aaand you know since we were there Chipotle was on our minds!

Because we visit Chipotle’s in almost every area we find there is a location, I’m going to start numbering these visits. We pretty much stick to the same item every visit and I don’t foresee us changing that. Our obsession is that sick. JP and I are still on the weight loss journey. One month and ten pounds later. We use our weekends as our cheat days. We tried to stay reasonable. You really don’t want to know the caloric content of one Barbarcoa Burrito. 🙂 But if you do…Google it! So, this trip we ordered Barbacoa Soft Tacos and one Burrito. The kids enjoy the tacos and chips. JP and I shared a burrito and had one taco each. Everything was good as usual. We enjoyed our meal, and didn’t have to feel to bad about eating a days worth of calories in one sitting. lol

The aftermath!

Our meal was Bangin, just how we like it. After our meal we enjoyed an evening of bowling with JP’s car club buddies. Also, a while back we were told at the Charlotte location that they were opening two locations in South Carolina! Yay! One is going to be somewhere in Greenville, which a friend already spotted being built. Another will be right here in Columbia! Location still unknown. The burrito obsession will live on!

~Feather and JP


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Abby says:

    We’ve had a Chipotle for years and have never been. I’m not a fan of – *gasp* – burritos!And I went to that Ikea in December! I’ve been to the one in Virginia, too, and they’re all cookie-cutter the same. I’m hoping to get to the new one in Charlotte soon.

  2. grubby says:

    Chipotole blows Moes to dust!!

  3. BanginFood says:

    Oh we totally agree about the Moe’s thing. Trust us, we’ve given them a fair shot. We ate there at least more than once to say we dislike them!

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