My Attempt at Cake Balls

Yum yum! I found this recipe on Bakerella’s blog. This woman knows how to create some really creative baked goodies. I love just looking at her site. I attempted to make her basic cake ball recipe for my kids class. You can check her site for the recipes.

I am really not much of a baker. Maybe, because I never really attempted to. After trying these out, I think I might have to start baking a little more. I did have a little trouble at first, but it got better after I found a good technique. JP helped me out too, and gave me some good ideas.

These are my balls before I stuck them in the fridge. Looking good already. I probably could eat that right now! LOL I can’t though, still eating healthy. 😦

This is how they looked after they chilled out in the fridge overnight.

These were still cold and I cut it with a knife. I let the kids sample the messed up ones, and they loved them! Hopefully they will be a hit with the classes.

Also, just to let you all know. Banginfood will be on the road. Well really not the road, but we’ll be across the ocean visiting family in Hawaii! We can’t wait. We will be coming back with loads of content. We most definitely plan to do a lot of eating! Woo hoo! Ciao for now



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Abby says:

    Bakerella is UNBELIEVABLE. You’re the second person I’ve seen today make cake balls after seeing her site!Yours look great!

  2. BanginFood says:

    Yeah she is. I don’t know what made me think I could duplicate the same skill on my first try. lol

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