We bring you foods from Hawaii!

Hi all! This is going to be a series of posts. We ate at so many places we can’t post them all at once. Just on our trip alone we took over a thousand pictures! So compiling all the food pics, is going to be a labor of love. lol

To start off, I first and foremost always miss my family and friends. In addition to missing them, I of course miss all the wonderful food. Hawaii has such a diverse cuisine. Because there are so many different ethnicity’s in the islands. There are so many different foods to discover. I’m always missing all the local treats.

This was JP’s first trip to Hawaii. I was so excited to show him around and let him try out all the good food! I wanted to make sure he got a full taste of what Hawaii had to offer. The first place we went to was Jurison’s. I know this probably wasn’t the best place to start. But, we were tired and hungry, and I actually like them. I have always liked Jurison’s. I used to work down the street from there, so I had to go. Jurison’s is located at the Waikele Outlet. Waikele is popular with tourists, so it’s always crowded. Anyhoo, we got to Jurison’s and it seemed they were doing some kind of construction in there. Not sure what they were building. *shrugs* Other than that, it still looked the same. We also were the only people there. I didn’t have to see the menu, because I already knew what I wanted. I ordered us both the #2 Bento, Mochiko Chicken and Terri Beef. Yum!

This is what we got! I’m having flashbacks of goodness! JP was shocked at all the food they give you. I will say this though, the prices of plate lunches have gone up in the last few years. Must be the economy. Just for the two of us was almost $20! We didn’t even order drinks! We drank water. Geez. The plate comes with several pieces of Teriyaki Beef, a heaping helping of Mochiko Chicken, Kimchee, Two Scoops Rice w/Furikake, Fried Noodles, and dipping sauce for the Mochiko Chicken. Whew!

This was enough food for everybody and they mama! Neither of us finished these plates. JP loved it! We both left, feeling very satisfied and happy. 🙂 Their fried noodles are one of my faves. There Mochiko is awesome too. I love the sauce. The Terri beef is good, but I’m not really a Terri beef person. Overall the food was very good. They certainly are very generous with the helpings too.

You can see where they were doing some kind of construction on the side there. Jurison’s is still bangin for me, even after being away for years. JP also gave it two thumbs up. If you are ever in Hawaii, check them out.

Jurison’s Inn
Waikele Premium Outlets
94-799 Lumiaina Street Space 2H
Telephone: 808.676.1171

Check back for our next food post. It will probably take a week to feature everything. Ha ha!



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