Yummy Korean BBQ

So on the second day of our trip we took a drive around the island. I had my mind set on going to a shrimp truck in the North Shore, but we have picky eaters. The experience would not have been enjoyable with the voices of pickiness in the background.

We started the drive early in the morning, so by mid afternoon we were finished. I decided to introduce JP to the Ala Moana food court. JP was in food overload. Of course the kids went straight for Sbarro’s. That was a given. lol We sat the kids down and took a look around. JP could not decide. There were so many choices he didn’t know what to do. Ha ha! I was upset to see they took Tsuyrua away! That was my spot back in the day. They still have the Pearlridge location. After much wandering and deliberation. We ended up at Yummy Korean BBQ. I’ve always dug them. I was missing my watercress, so I decided on that. JP was still confused, and finally followed suit.

Now, I can have Kal Bi really quit often here in SC. My Mother In Law makes a mean Kal Bi. But,I haven’t had Yummy’s in years so that was my choice. I got my cold cabbage, watercress, Kim Chee, and something else. I forget. Yum! Everything was good. Just as I remembered it.

JP chose Meat Jun, with some of the same sides I got. He loved it! He’s never had Meat Jun before, but really liked it a lot! As you can see, both of our plates were piled high with food. Neither of us finished these plates. Underneath the meat piled on the rice was more meat. In addition to your four side choices, you get two scoops of rice and mac salad. We really could have just shared.

Once again a very enjoyable meal. I’m still trying to get over how expensive these plates have gotten. But, you still are getting a deal with all the food they give you. Yummy’s is still good on my list. They have several locations throughout the island. This location was that the Ala Moana Shopping Center. We did walk around the mall a bit, which is still the same.

We saw a band playing while we were there. They had hula dancers too. Didn’t get them though.
Anyhoo, check Yummy Korean BBQ out if you ever come to da islands. Yum yum yummy! ha ha

Here is a link to their site for more information: Yummy Korean BBQ


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Abby says:

    I’m so jealous of your trip. And I’ve always wanted to try Korean BBQ – don’t think we have it here. But I’m going to search it out!

  2. BanginFood says:

    You could do that at home! I’ve featured two Korean recipes on here.

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