Spam Musubi


Most people know that Hawaii is a beautiful tropical destination. But, did you know it’s the state that consumes the most Spam then anywhere else? Hawaii loves Spam! It’s everywhere! Including McDonald’s! They even have a festival every year to celebrate Spam.

So today I bring you Spam Musubi. What is Spam Musubi you ask? It’s basically a block of rice topped with marinated spam and wrapped with a piece of Nori(seaweed). Not really like sushi, because the rice isn’t flavored with vinegar. Some variations do have Furikake mixed in the rice. Really there are tons of variations. It’s a popular local snack. It’s cheap, it’s quick, and it’s good! I had to introduce JP to da Spam Musubi. He was instantly hooked. We ate Spam Musubi anywhere we could find it. lol

The first ones we picked up were at 7 Eleven in Haleiwa. Pretty cheap at $1.29. They were pretty tasty.

This is me about to devour one. It’s a pretty filling snack. You get all that rice, and that nice piece of spam right on top. Mmmm.

We even had some at the KCC Farmer’s Market. Yum. These versions had Furikake mixed in the rice. You can see they also had Onigiri(Japanese Rice Ball) and Sushi too. If you get a chance to go the KCC Farmer’s Market, you should. They have a lot of things out there.

Here is the KCC Spam Musubi up close. It was okay. Nothing to write home about. lol I’ll talk more about the KCC Farmer’s Market on another post. We had some other things while we were there.

And finally here is one JP had with Spam, Egg and Furikake. You can see me in the background stuffing my mouth! LOL I love my Spam and so do our kids! You can actually make this treat at home. You can buy a Musubi mold online, or you can use the spam can! You can also find recipes online. It might be something you might want to try. You never know you might like it! Or if ever your in the islands go and give it a try!



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  1. Abby says:

    I never knew about the spam thing until the movie 50 First Dates and reading food blogs! I like spam, too. With scrambled eggs.

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