KCC Farmer’s Market

I’m so sorry for the slow posting! This new lifestyle JP and I have is taking over our lives! I still have more Hawaii things to post. *sigh* Okay, so here is another spot we went to on our trip. The KCC Farmer’s Market. We headed out here early in the morning right before our hike to Diamond Head.

This market is awesome! It’s located in the parking lot at Kapiolani Community College. If you plan on going, you’ve got to go early. The market is open from 7:30am-11am. It is very crowded, so you might have to wait a bit for parking. We actually found a spot fairly easy.

As you can see it was packed! There were several vendors out there.

There were a lot of tourists out there as well. It was good bit of people.

On our previous post, this is the vendor where we got the Spam Musubi. They also had a variety of Onigiri and Sushi. I’m not sure exactly what the above picture is. From my understanding it’s a rice dough dumpling with a sweet salty sauce. Never had it before, so I’m not sure about how it tastes.
There is the Spam Musubi we purchased.

Right next to that vendor, this vendor was cooking some kind of pasta.

There was a lot of organic products out there. This vendor had honey.

Fresh pastries. These looked good!

Someone even had Calzones. These look delicious too! This post is making me hungry! lol

Fresh Coconuts. Yum Yum! This vendor also had some good local treats.

JP and I stopped by this vendor and sampled their Acai Berry Sorbet. It was sooo good! It was only a $1 for this little cup. The flavor was awesome and it was very refreshing.

The market is not limited to just food. They also have fresh flowers. These were very pretty.

The market has several vendors and you can get a little dizzy trying to decide what you want to get. We saw things from fresh Kettle Popcorn, plate lunches, fresh squeezed juices, an array of fresh vegetables and other produce. As I mentioned before you want to get there early. JP and I enjoyed walking around trying out different things. This is also a cool way to try out some of Hawaii’s local treats. It’s located right across from Diamond Crater. So you could explore the market and then head on over to the crater. That’s what JP and I did. I would highly recommend checking it out.

For more information here is a link: KCC Farmer’s Market


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  1. Kris M. says:

    Your trip to the outdoor market was very interesting. Thanks for sharing the tips and great food with us. I really enjoyed the Hawaiin themed stories.

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