Quick Recipe of The Day: Stir Fried Brown Rice and Salmon

Hi all! I’m going to start sharing some of the healthy food we’ve been eating. JP and I, are still maintaining this healthy lifestyle. So I’m going to start posting some of the things we eat. These recipes have helped us shed all of that unwanted weight!

JP and I are on a high protein diet. So we consume a lot of chicken breast, tuna,and salmon. People always assume that if you eat healthy, food is bland and boring. I’m here to tell you that’s so not true. JP and I love spice and flavor. So we’ve been finding lots of ways to jazz our dishes up. Here is a quick lunch I whipped up for myself today. This is for an individual serving. You could double it to make more. The whole meal is about 307 calories with 21 grams of protein. You could omit the oil to bring the calorie count down a bit. You could also add in more veggies or even maybe egg whites for added protein.

Stir Fried Brown Rice and Salmon

3/4 cup cooked Brown Rice (I had a pot already made)
1/4 cup Pink Canned Salmon (or fresh if you like)
1 cup chop and rinsed Baby Bok Choy
1/4 cup onion chopped
1 teaspoon Garlic Chili Sauce
Salt and Pepper
1/2 teaspoon Pure Canola Oil or Olive Oil

In a small saute pan, add in oil. Let it coat the bottom of the pan. Throw in your Baby Bok Choy and Onions. Saute for minute or so. Add in your Salmon and continue to saute. At this point you could add in a couple dashes of salt and pepper. Add in your brown rice, add in a little bit more salt. Throw in your Garlic Chili sauce, more or less depending on how much spice you like. Get it all nice and mixed up. Saute another minute then plate.

This is a great tasting meal. It’s quick and easy. It has a lot of flavor. It’s also filling. I also made it with spinach. So there is my quick meal for today. Be sure to look out for more healthy food posts! Have a great day!

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