Don Quijote

I’m really attempting to get these Hawaii posts done. I think I have maybe 2-3 more to go. This post will be about the store formerly known as Daiei, which is now Don Quijote.

Daiei was a Japanese chain. When I left the island, it was still Daiei. To my surprise that was not the case when I returned. Not sure what happened. But now it’s Don Quijote. Still the same layout, still the same products, pretty much looks like the same store. Just has a different name. During our stay we frequented this store quite a bit. (Not sure why)lol Since my family lives in Waipahu, we were at the Waipahu location a lot. We also visited the Pearl City location once. I just wanted to share some of the things we got there, and some of the things we saw.

Don Quijote carries a lot of Asian products, produce, and food items. They also have a lot of local items and treats. They even have a food court. To me it’s like an Asian Wal Mart. If that makes sense. I picked up Da Braddahs and Friends DVD from there(local comedy). JP picked up some ear buds. I even picked up some Make-up(I’m an addict). JP even got me a cute Hello Kitty necklace charm. Awwww 🙂

One trip there I picked up some Tako and Imitation Kimchi Crab Poke. Tako is the Japanese word for Octopus. Tako Poke (Po-keh) is Octopus with green onion, Hawaiian Salt and Sesame Seed Oil. I believe sometimes they put Limu (seaweed) in there. I love the stuff. The Imitation Crab Poke is made the same way, except this one has Kimchi seasoning on it. So that version is pretty spicy. You could also get it plain poke style, which is equally good. I probably should have gotten these two from Taniokas, but I was at the store and had a craving.

I purchased 1/2 lb. At $3.18 I think it was pretty reasonable. This Tako was actually pretty tasty. I liked it. You can see there were some good sized pieces in there. The texture was perfect and the flavor was pretty good.

This on the other hand, was not good. I did not care for this one bit. I wished I had gotten it somewhere else. It was pretty cheap, and it tasted cheap. Oh well, that’s what I get. lol It was to salty. I could barely taste any spice, because the salt was so overpowering. The texture wasn’t that good either. It was kind of mushy. You can tell from the picture. I probably only took two bites from this container.

The only thing I dug from here was the Tako. If you want to try any of these local treats, I highly suggest getting them from a reputable fish market. This is not the place to purchase these items. 😦 Sorry.

Check out these different types of Octopus we spotted at Don’s. One was deep fried. I think the second one was just fresh raw Octopus. Yum!

And check this out! Can you believe this is a Ramen isle? Have you ever seen so much Ramen in your life? Wow! LOL

Another thing we had there, which I did not photograph was Andagi. Andagi is like a Japanese fried donut. Specifically Okinawan. You can have it plain, with sugar, or cinnamon and sugar. These are pretty tasty. There is a man that is set up outside the store. You can get two for $1, not bad.

Don Q’s, to me is a cool place. Even if you don’t buy anything. They have all kinds of interesting things you probably won’t find anywhere in the states. They have a few locations all over the island. I love the place! Check them out if your in town.

Don Quijote


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  1. Abby says:

    Hmm. Deep-fried octopus. I’d give it a try. I’ve heard it’s not chewy as you’d expect so I’m curious.

    And WHOA all that Ramen. My husband would be in heaven.

  2. BanginFood says:

    Yeah it’s pretty good. It’s a little chewy not bad. That Ramen isle is funny, you would never see that here in the states!

  3. Shingomaniac says:

    I love DQ, and even remember when it was Holiday Mart and Daiei was a department store in Pearlridge with Jewelcor on the top floor!

    Thanks for your post, I enjoyed it and concur on nearly every point except that that second picture of the Tako is cooked. If it were raw it would be slimy and in a muscous-like pile. It would also be grey and not pink/red. I’m just saying.

    I still enjoyed your post very much!! When in HI, I probably frequent the Waipahu DQ the most. The Food Court is actually pretty good (for a food court in Waipahu, haha), and it has that super weird football field ceiling thing as an added bonus.

    By “the states” I assume you mean “in the 48 contiguous states” or “on the mainland” or something, right? 1949 and all that…. 🙂

  4. RL Maiden says:

    LOL. Back in ‘the day,’ Times Supermarket was THE place (excellent seafood–big selection, lots of kinds of tako, tofu fresh daily) with a Leonard’s hot malasada wagon in front (“buy $20 worth of groceries and get a coupon for 6 free hot malasadas–alcohol, cigarettes, and pet food excluded”). We got our cracked seed and mochi crunch (excuse me, mixed arare) at either Arakawa’s or Wigwam and killer ice cream in front of Gem store.
    It seems the more things change, the more they stay the same.
    Of course, there was a drive in theatre then, too, and a cheap kinda rundown old fashioned sit-down theatre by the post office on depot rd. that we kids/early teens went to.
    Leeward’s (westgate) was a good place to get fried noodles, teri steak sandwich, plate lunch (you could only get chopstick there, no forks, most of the time); Westgate bakery served awesome breakfast and yummy cakes and pastry; the deli next door was where most of us went for box lunch (especially for field trips).
    I went to Honowai El, Waipahu Intermediate, then Waipahu High (just built) ’til we moved to Mililani (only three years old, still mostly pineapple fields, the high school was just being built) and I went to Leilehua.

    Been on the mainland for what seems forever now. Still use chopstick for eating ‘island’ food, though, and ALL my kids love kim chee and rice (they eat with chopsticks, too)!

  5. Bangin says:

    @Shingomaniac I did mean the 48. Thanks for stopping by!

    @RL Maiden I went to Waipahu Intermediate and Waipahu High also! My Mom went to Honowai and some of my friends. I used to love the box lunch from Leewards for field trips. My friend and I used to walk to Leewards every morning and by candy from this lady there. My Grandma made me get school clothes from Gems. I even got Flo Jo’s from there! LOL The good old days!

  6. Bangin says:

    Oh yeah and my kids favorite meal is Spam, Rice and Seaweed. My little one loves Kimchi. I use chopsticks too.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey! I went to Honowai from 1976-1982! I bot my school clothes at Gem!

    I always got my bento for excursions from Hamada’s on Waipahu Street, near Waipahu Theater.


  8. Bangin says:

    Oh cool! My Grandma still lives down the street from there. Right were the old sugar cane roads used to be!

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