Food Review: Minute Khana and Emerald Dark Chocolate Flavored Almonds

So we been MIA. Sorry 😦 We have done a total life change with our new eating habits. With that said, I’ve decided to do some food reviews on some things we’ve purchased and our trying in our new diet.

JP and I really love food! I mean really really looove, that’s why we started this site. It’s also the reason why we put so much weight on in the past. Changing your eating habits and lifestyle is a difficult task already. Loving food makes that hard. We like to think we have a very diverse palettes. It really keeps things exciting for us eating different types of ethnic foods.

JP’s absolute favorite cuisine is Indian food. If he could, I bet he’d live at the Indian restaurant! LOL One day on his day off he suggested we cruise the local Indian grocery store. While we were there we found some ready made meals. They were pretty cheap. The pictures on the boxes looked good, plus they were giving you a free package if you bought two. There were so many selections it was hard to choose. We chose three meals to try. The brand is called Haldirams’s Minute Khana. We got Amchi Pao Bhaji, Purani Dili Ke Chloey, and Kashmriri Duh Aloo. One was Chickpeas in a curry sauce, a mixed vegetable in another curry type sauce, and Whole potatoes in a tomato based curry sauce. I really had my apprehensions about these, because they are microwavable and they are in a box. Those two factors alone never quite work out to good! LOL

I prepared some brown rice and cooked some chicken breast to go with the meal. We ate the chickpeas and mixed vegetables. The food comes in a sealed bag, which kind of resembles a MRE. You literally empty the contents into a dish and heat for 2 minutes. Our microwave is extremely powerful, so 2 minutes was a little long. I plated the food and that was it. The aroma was wonderful. It smelled sooo good. The box claimed it was authentic Indian food. It smelled authentic. But did it taste authentic? That was the question.

We mixed the chicken in and ate over our brown rice. First bite was like,wow! It was delicious! Didn’t even taste like it came out of a box. It had a serious kick to it. It was really spicy and very flavorful. We almost wanted to say it was slightly better than our favorite spot. I enjoyed every bit of the meal. The calories weren’t to bad as well. Half a package only had 152 calories. Not bad. The sodium was a bit high. Both of the dishes we tried were very good. The chickpeas were a lit hard for me, but the overall dish was great.

JP and I loved these meals. We still have the whole potatoes to try, but I’m sure we’ll enjoy those. We definitely are going back to get some more.

Here is a link to the brands website, it looks like you can purchase some online.

Minute Khana

The last thing I will show today is Emeralds Dark Chocolate Flavored Almonds.

Almonds are a staple for us. They are a great quick healthy snack. They aren’t cheap by no means. But, if you can get some I highly recommend you do. JP picked these up for us the other day. All I can say is these are awesome! They almost taste cookie like. I told JP they almost tasted like Cocoa Puffs. The flavor is light with a hint of sweetness. Then you got the flavor of the almond which is great. You would assume being it was Dark Chocolate the flavor would be bitter. It’s not. It works really well and these almonds are amazing. I love them. 1 serving is 1 ounce, which is about a handful or 1/4 cup. Only 150 calories. Very yummy. You have to be careful and stick to the serving these bad boys are dangerous! lol Anyhoo, this wraps up my food review for today hope you enjoy!



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