Not My Mama Biscuits!

I love that episode of Martin where he tells Gina, “Not my mama biscuits!” LOL

Don’t ask me how I married a southern man and never made him homemade biscuits. Especially since my husband almost every Sunday before Church rides to Bojangles and gets the whole family sausage biscuits. On the weekends JP and I allow ourselves to have cheat meals. This weekend I decided I wanted a good ol’ homemade meal. I cooked some cube steak with homemade gravy and onions, rice, Brussel sprouts, and homemade biscuits. This was acutally my first time EVER making biscuits from scratch. I know, I know I’m a bad person. 😦 lol Not sure why I never attempted these. I guess I’m really not that fond of them. I searched the net for recipes and I actually found one to try out. It sounded fairly easy. I followed the recipes with some suggestions from others attempts. Guess what? They actually came out really good! I was proud of myself. The recipe was pretty good. I definitely will be making these again. My family loved them. I’ll have to find one that is close the Bojangle recipe for JP. 🙂

Link to the recipe: Biscuit Recipe


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Abby says:

    Good for you! I can’t make them at ALL. And I AM Southern. It’s tough! I’ll have to give your recipe a go.

  2. BanginFood says:

    lol….I don’t feel so bad now!

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