Sunday Dinner

Here is what we ate over at my in-laws house on Sunday. Yummy! Bul Go Gi, Kimchi, Cabbage and Rice. JP’s Mom is an excellent cook, I love it when she makes Korean dishes. They are soooo good! It’s always a treat when we get some good home cooked food.

Here is a close look at the Kimchi, pretty fresh and spicy. Yum! She gave us a big jar to take home. I actually made myself some Kimchi soup today with some chicken.

This is the Bul Go Gi close up. It’s basically a marinated beef. Very delicious with rice!

Then a couple of weeks ago she made us some Bi Bim Bap. Excuse the phone pics we had no idea she cooked this for us. This stuff was sooo goood! Far better than what we had in a restaurant! It’s basically an array of different Korean style vegetables, rice, meat, fried egg and red hot chili sauce! It’s all placed in a bowl and you eat! The flavors are soo good and mix very well with each other.

Here is the spread! Yum! Those are pork chops on the right side, and they weren’t a part of our meal! LOL The kids actually ate those.

Here is our bowls before we started adding all the ingredients. We started off with rice and a fried egg. Then we went around the table and started adding in our veggies.

Some of the veggies. Not sure exactly what their names are, or what they are really. But, I do know they tasted really good!

Here are some cucumbers and the chili paste! After you get all your veggies in your bowl you top with some meat, I think we had Bul Go Gi. I could be wrong. Then she put some sesame seed oil and chili paste on top. Then you mix it all together and eat. Man! Let me tell you! I could eat this everyday! It was sooo good. We enjoyed these two meals a lot! Thank goodness for cheat meals! lol Thank goodness for Mom’s who can cook! We are truly lucky, because both of our Mom’s are excellent cooks. 🙂

I’ll be posting food pics from our road trip next. Check back to see those!



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  1. RL Maiden says:

    Yummy Seoul food! I want!

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