Spicy Chicken Chili

It has been really ugly around these parts for the past week. I even got rained on during my jog! I wanted something warm and delicious to eat. So I whipped this up.

I bought a bag of dried pinto beans. Not knowing really what I was going to make with them. So after sitting around thinking, I decided on chili. I have made turkey chili before with kidney beans, and that was good. I remember other people telling me they use pinto beans. So I decided to give it a try. Didn’t have any ground turkey, so I used boneless chicken breast. I did a quick soak on the beans. Then after they were done soaking, I added in my veggies and simmered them for a few hours. I added in my chicken and let it simmer another couple of hours. I pretty much let this thing cook all day long. I could have just thrown it all in a crock pot, but the stove worked just fine. This dish came out so yummy. I topped it with some sour cream and threw down! JP topped his with extra hot sauce, muenster cheese and sour cream. It was perfect for a rainy day. Yum! To keep it as healthy as possible I did not add in any rice (although I really wanted to deep inside). Cornbread would have been good with this too. Even crackers! You could really top this anyway you like. I didn’t follow any exact recipe, but I’ll try and list what I used at the bottom. It’s more of a taste as you go thing. Some people may like their chili spicier then others. Here in our house the spicier the better!

Spicy Chicken Chili


3 medium sized boneless chicken breast
3 small red bell peppers
1 green bell pepper
1 large onion
1/4 cup jalapenos
1 small tomato
2 cups dry pinto beans
Goya Adobo Seasoning to taste
Chili Powder to taste
Black Pepper to taste
Cayenne Pepper to taste
Garlic Powder to taste
Cumin about a teaspoon

Soak beans according to package. I did the quick soak. You bring the beans to a rapid boil for 2 minutes. Remove from heat cover and let sit for 1 hour. Then drain beans when you are ready to cook.

Chop your veggies and add to pot. In a large pot cover beans and veggies with about 8 cups of water. Add in a decent amount of the seasoning and stir. Bring to a boil. Let boil a few minutes and turn heat down to medium-low. Simmer for a 2-3 hours. You can start to check your flavor. Taste and see what needs to be added. Chop your chicken breast and then put that in the pot. If you need to add anymore water you can add some. Cover pot and let simmer another couple of hours. Taste again to see if anything needs to be added. Remove from heat. Beans and chicken should be tender.

That’s it. Serve by itself or over rice. Add any topping you like. This is a nice dish to have on a cold or rainy day. Enjoy!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. RL Maiden says:

    Next time, maybe make some brown rice on the side–short to medium grain will probably help feed the need for a ‘rice fix’– it will go well with your chili, and you can feel virtuous about your health consciousness at the same time! that is what I use for my red beans and rice, too. I also like brown jasmine rice, but not for chili. Don’t get me wrong, I love my nice, sticky Nishiki white rice, but we try to be more health conscious, too!

    Also–pink beans or red beans (not the same as red kidney beans) would work nicely, too. I like them even better than pinto beans (I do like my beans). Have you ever made sofrito to use with beans?

  2. BanginFood says:

    Yeah I had brown rice, and didn’t want to wait 50 minutes for it to cook! lol I’ll have to try the different beans next time!

    Thanks for the suggestions 🙂

  3. Abby says:

    You could probably add bulgur – much quicker than brown rice and just as healthful if not moreso!

    What a great meal for a rain day, like you say. Gotta remember this!

  4. BanginFood says:

    @Abby-I will have to look into that. I’m always willing to try something new. 🙂

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