The Luther Burger

(Photo was taken by our on-site professional photographer and fellow foodie friend, Greg Thompson)

This evening we were able to partake in one of  our most interesting food adventures yet! The infamous Luther Burger! Rumored to be created by the late R&B singer Luther Vandross. We just had to try it!

In case you don’t know how to create your own Luther Burger.  Here is a photo to get you started.

That’s right…that is two boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts! Those will be the buns for the burger. You will also need some hamburger patties, bacon,  caramelized onions, and cheese.

Buttery delicious! Caramelized onions.

JP and our friend Greg cooked all the meat (including bacon) on the grill. I  Carmaelized the onions  in a saute pan.  We constructed our burgers, plated and we were good to go.

Now, here are our thoughts:

Kids: Love it! Ate it up!

JP: I found the donuts to be a bit over powering. The texture was pretty good, but I could barely taste the meat, cheese, or onions.

FP: I personally didn’t like the onions inside of the burger. I would have opted for a plain patty. I found the donut to be a bit to sweet as well. Really not the sweet and savory type of flavor I would go for. Been there done that, DON’T need to do it again.

The overall consensus: If we were to do  it again we would use a different donut.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joni Hamilton says:

    Def use a diff donut! KK is very very sweet! Too sweet for a bun of a burger….and although I’ve never had this, I’ve heard of it and was like really? Donut and a burger – but I’ll be damn if that pic don’t look good! Good capture Greg!!!

    1. banginfood says:

      LOL! Yeah, Krispy Kreme definitely too sweet! I don’t think we’ll be eating it again. I think once was enough! Greg is a good photographer. He took that photo right in our living room!

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