California Cross Country Road Trip!

(Pictured above: The Big Texan. The same place Adam Richman ate the 72 oz steak on Man vs. Food)

Our biggest trip yet! We drove all the way from South Carolina to California! We definitely had our share of good food and good times!

This past summer JP and I packed up the kids in the van and took us a road trip! We took a scenic route, stopping along the way to see places such as the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and the historic Route 66. Of course we did a lot of eating. We visited family in California, and attended my brother’s wedding. Our family members are food enthusiasts as well, and wasted no time giving us a food tour! This will be a quick photo journey of all the good eats we had on our cross-country road trip. Enjoy!

I know this picture isn’t quite clear, but it was a homemade breakfast burrito we picked up at some random gas station in Texas. It was cheap, and actually pretty darn good! Lots of flavor.

The same day we arrived in California, my father took us to a local Asian market. We picked up these soft shell fried shrimp. These babies were sooo good! The cool thing is you eat the whole thing! Shell and all!!! I had a hard time  with those big eyes, but quickly got over it! We also sampled some calamari and spicy fish. Everything was great.

After picking up our Mother from the airport. We went to Sylvia’s Country Kitchen for breakfast. The menu had some funny names like Bozo Special and Jumbo Dumbo. This was the Lumberyard. Those are supposed to be country potatoes. I guess that’s how they do it Cali. *shrugs* The food was good.

JP and the kids were out at Trader Joes and spotted all this sushi! I can’t believe how cheap it was! Unfortunately, we don’t have Trader Joes in SC. Boo.

The next set of photos are from our trip to Japantown. I used to love going to Japantown as a little girl. It had been many years since I’d been.  We had a nice lunch at Mifune. I ordered the Yaki Soba and Tempura. It was pretty good.

There was also a pastry shop in Japantown. They had cute little cakes and other pastries. Mine was devoured before JP could take a picture! But, this was his cake. Everything was delicious!

My brother, mother and I had lunch at L & L Drive Inn I had the Kalua Pig and Lau Lau plate! Onolicious!

One of my favorite drinks. Hawaiian Sun Passion Orange drink.  Yum! The Asian market we went to, sold these. You know I had to take some home!

I was the grocery store with my bro and saw these. It said garbanzo beans. I’ve never seen them like this.

One thing California had that was really awesome was their fruit! JP picked this off of my sister in law’s parents tree. He said it was sooo good. So juicy and sweet. Even the peaches were extremely good. My mouth is drooling just thinking about it.

And yes…we had to go to In N Out Burger! Oooh how I wish that I could have one of those right now! Mom got a protein style burger because she couldn’t eat bread. She seemed happy with it. Animal Style Burgers and Fries…enough said.

You know we couldn’t visit Cali without having some type of burrito! Our food guide a.k.a my brother Dan, took us to LaCosta. Considered a local favorite(you should definitely bring a local with you). You might get a little confused. lol Probably one of  the best burritos we’ve had. Cheap too.

This is when we developed our yogurt addiction. Yeah, I’ll go ahead and admit it. We’ve got a problem.  We actually went to two yogurt places while there, and they were both equally good. Can’t go wrong with fro yo and a variety of toppings. Mmmm…

So, this concludes our photo food journey. Hope you enjoyed.  Stay tuned for our next food journey! 🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kris M. says:

    What a great trip you guys! Thanks for sharing. Now I’m really hungry.

    1. banginfood says:

      LOL! We had fun eating all that food too!

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