Aloha Hawaiian BBQ & Grill

(Pictured above: My beloved Civie! I no longer have this car, but that’s it with the “Hawaiian Style” sticker.)

When your hometown is 2,756 miles away, your favorite local foods aren’t always accessible.  A girl shouldn’t have to drive all the way to California or fly to Hawaii!

Luckily for us a 1 hr and 38 minute drive would be all it took! Yay! Thanks to Google, I found out that Charlotte, NC had one Hawaiian eatery! You know what that meant! Road trip! lol

Aloha Hawaiian BBQ & Grill is located in Charlotte, NC. They offer up local Hawaiian favorites plate lunch style. They even break down what a plate lunch is!

There is a picture of their menu. You can also view their menu online.

The restaurant looked pretty new. It was very nice inside. They even have pictures of the menu above, if your not sure what anything is. This is pretty standard in Hawaii too. Check out the condiment station. It says, “Aloha.”

JP and I decided on the Chicken Plate. We got the kids their favorite, Chicken Katsu.

Now, I will warn you that there is a bit of wait for the food. I think the food is prepared when you order. We probably waited about 10 minutes. The picture above is what we got. Again, everything is plate lunch style, so it comes in this nice black Styrofoam container. You get the typical local mac salad, two scoops rice, chicken katsu, and a BBQ style chicken. The meat is on a bed of cabbage.

I will say that the mac salad was excellent. I probably could have eaten a whole plate of mac salad! lol Everything else was pretty good. The chicken kastu was good. I felt the BBQ chicken lacked a little bit of flavor, but was ok.

This is the kids mini chicken katsu plate. They enjoyed it. No complaints from them.

Aloha also sold Spam Musubi, another Hawaiian favorite. We ordered some to take home. We had to wait for that as well. Which seemed strange to me, because most places in Hawaii already have it made. Oh well. It was okay. Nothing really to scream about.

Overall, my family and I enjoyed Aloha. The food was worth the drive for me. I was able to satisfy my cravings for the foods I dearly missed. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is interested in trying out this type of cuisine. So check them out if you are in the area! You can even check them online.



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