Weekly Obesession

Mmmm…doesn’t that look good? A bit unhealthy? Maybe…just a tad! This my friends is our new weekly obsession. Yoghut!Yoghut opened its doors on Father’s day (unbeknownst to us). If we knew this, this obsession would have started right at that moment! But, since the day we  found them we have become regulars! Before Yoghut we were content making our weekly trips to TCBY.

Yoghut is a cool, hip, and modern yogurt joint. It’s located in downtown Columbia, right near the USC campuses. You can believe this spot is always filled with college kids. It’s self-serve yogurt. They offer a variety of flavors and toppings. In addition to soft serve yogurt, they also offer smoothies. The flavors are changed out every few days. Yoghut displays the new flavors on their website and on Facebook. Which is very convenient for you computer savvy folks.

We’ve always had  good experiences each time we go, and the staff is always friendly. If you are unsure about the different flavors, someone is always there to let you sample one. So far, our favorites are Butter Brickle, Cookies N’ Cream, Pralines and Pecan, Cake Batter, NY Cheesecake, and Peanut Butter. Most of their yogurt is fat-free or low-fat. They even offer Low Sugar varieties.  The topping selection isn’t to shabby either. You can top your yogurt with things like fresh fruit,  crumbled candy bars, granola, or cereal the choice is yours.  I was even surprised to see that they  had Mochi(Japanese Rice Cake) topping.

Our family has really become fond of Yoghut, and our friends have too.  Often times we will meet up with friends for a visit. While we were away in California we went to a couple of yogurt places just like Yoghut, and never thought that our city would ever get anything like them. WE are glad they came to town! Thanks Yoghut!

If you are ever in the need for a sweet treat, head on down. Be careful, you might become addicted! 🙂

Check them out on online: Yoghut


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