Apples From The North

We took a day trip today, up to the mountains of North Carolina.  Today was a nice cool fall like day. The scenery was nice as we rode along. As we drove we saw many stands and ” country apple stores.”

Apples don’t stick around this house for long. Probably the most popular snack around here. So, of course as we were driving down the road, the kids were shouting for apples. 🙂 We stopped by one of the little country stores.

There were apples everywhere! Look at those apples. These were all stacked outside. Inside, we were able to watch the apples get washed, and sent down a conveyor belt, and then packaged. Fun for the kids. They even had a guide that gave a description about each variety of apple. Pretty cool!  Based upon the guide, we chose a nice bag of Gala apples.

The kids and their loot! Yay! The Gala’s were a good choice! Very sweet, and no tartness at all. Yum! We have plenty more left to enjoy. We’ll see how long they last!



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