It’s Been A Long Time!

It’s been a long time, we shouldn’t have left you! It has been a looooong time since we last posted on this site. It’s time to show this site some love!

With that being said…on to the post!

We recently took a trip to San Diego to visit Feather’s Mom. We come from a family of great cooks and foodies. So our visits are always filled with fun times and lots of great food! People asked us what we did on our vacation, and we simply answered EAT! LOL

One of the many restaurants we ate at was right in Mom’s backyard. It was literally a five-minute walk. We liked it so much, we ended up eating there twice before we left.

Burros and Fries is located in Lemon Grove,CA. It has a large menu that consists of tacos, fries, burritos, and more. On our first visit JP ordered the massive California Burro (seen below). This burrito is filled with Carne Asada, french fries, and cheese. There might have been some type of pico de gallo in there too.  This burrito was massive, about the size of a new-born baby! JP managed to demolish it on his first visit. The second visit we shared one. The tortilla had a nice texture, and the combination of meat cheese and french fries were very flavorful. It’s very filling, so sharing with a friend is good idea! Feather also had the rolled tacos. They were decent. Filled with shredded beef and topped with cheese,guacamole, and lettuce. Mom ordered the pollo fries. She had them twice, so they must have been good!

Price-$ Inexpensive

JP Burros and Fries
Burros and Fries California Burro
JP Burros and Fries 2
Burros and Fries California Burro


Burros and Fries Rolled
Burros and Fries Rolled Tacos

On another night we were taken to a Japanese restaurant called Ichiban. Located in downtown San Diego, it was a cute little spot specializing in authentic Japanese cuisine. Pictured below is their Katsu Curry. Chicken Katsu (Japanese Deep Fried Chicken) rice, and a thick curry with vegetables. Everyone else opted for the bento box.  The bento included Baked salmon, chicken teriyaki, gyoza (msg), California roll, and salad. We also had a California Roll on the side. Overall everything was pretty good.

Price-$ Inexpensive

Ichiban Curry
Ichiban Katsu Curry


No trip is ever complete without the obligatory visit to In-N-Out. Not much to say about this. The burgers are awesome! Always a happy experience.

Price-$ Inexpensive

In and Out
In-N-Out Burger


Because we live down South, there aren’t many Hawaiian restaurants around. In California, they are everywhere! To get our fix we visited Homestyle Hawaiian. They have multiple locations and we ate at the Mesa College location. The staff was very friendly, and helpful. We had their Lava Chicken and a side of Portuguese Musubi. Deep fried chicken kastsu topped with their sweet and mildly spicy lava sauce was amazing!  The mac salad was broke da mouth good too! We quickly devoured the musubi which was equally ono.

Price-$ Inexpensive

Homestyle Hawaiian

Boba tea is not as popular where we live, as it is in California. Feather is always on the hunt for good boba. Located on Mira Mesa Blvd we stopped in at Bobalicious. A small place, specializing in boba teas, smoothies, and juices. When we arrived there was a line, but they moved through it pretty quickly. We ordered the Taro Boba and Mom had a Passion Fruit smoothie. The Taro Boba was good, but Mom’s Passion Fruit Smoothie was sooo delicious! We enjoyed our drinks!

Price-$ Inexpensive

Bobalicious, San Diego CA


Mom wanted to take us to a popular ramen spot, but when we arrived it was crazy packed! Luckily we were on Convoy St. A street lined up and down with all types of different Asian restaurants. Plan B was searching Yelp and walking until we found something that looked good. We ended up at Cali Baguette Express, which specializes in Vietnamese cuisine. They had Banh Mi sandwiches, Boba,  and Pho. They also had an array of fresh-baked goods including baguettes. We ordered the large Beef Pho. It was amazing! The broth had great flavor and the portion was huge! They did not slack on the amount of meat and noodles. Feather couldn’t finish her bowl. Mom had the chicken Banh Mi sandwich. She said it was good too.

Price-$ Inexpensive

Cali Baguette Express

We had a great time on this trip and ate a ton of delicious food. We hope you enjoyed this post and maybe check out some of these spots if you’re in the San Diego area. Until we EAT again.

JP and Feather


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