It’s Finally Here!!!

Chipotle has finally opened it’s doors in Columbia,SC! You know we were there to get in all the action!

We have been waiting a looong time for this day! Chipotle opened up here officially on January 15th. They did however, have a sneak peek on the 13th. JP and a co-worker went to the sneak peek, and quickly left! There were so many people there it was just crazy! I’m sure it had something to do with FREE burritos! LOL We did manage to make it out the official grand opening (family in tow). They were giving away t-shirts and cards for free burritos to the first 100 people. Our friend Kris was actually the first one there. He saved a spot for us too! 🙂

Here we are waiting in line for our t-shirt and burritos! Don’t the kids look excited??? Ha!

The t-shirt give away started at 3, and this it what the line looked like as time got closer.

We made it in! Burrito time!

Our free shirt and gift card. They made the t-shirt look like a burrito! Cute!

JP Enjoying his burrito!

Arial shot of our favorite burrito the Barbacoa!

Me enjoying my burrito. Check out our friend Kris in the background! LOL

All Pau! It was well worth it! We stood in line for about an hour. I’m sure glad they finally came to our town. We were driving an hour away to get our fix! Moes better watch out! Moes also had the nerve to try and give away free burritos on Chipotle’s grand opening! How dare they! lol Other friends of ours went to the new Chipotle a couple days after the grand opening and said there were still long lines! Sounds like they are off to a good start! Good times! 🙂

~JP and Feather


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joni Hamilton says:

    Have ya’ll tried the recipe for chipotle’s rice, chicken and barbacoa? They have them on….I did the rice and my own version of the chicken cause the marinade they had would take too long and I wanted it right then!!! It was actually pretty damn good/close. Good for when funds are low and you got all the ingredients at home!

    I love Chipotle!

    1. banginfood says:

      No we haven’t! But we have been looking for a good one. I’ll have to check it out! Thanks Joni!

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